The Goddess Hekate: Studies in Ancient Pagan and Christian by Stephen Ronan

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By Stephen Ronan

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Hence, when the scholiast quoted above said "on the eve of the noumenia" he doubtless had in mind the thirtieth of the month according to the new calendar. It seems certain then, partly no doubt because 'three' and all its multiples are peculiarly sacred to Hekate, that the sacrifice still clung to the thirtieth, despite the fact that, when the calendar was reformed, the original reason for selecting that date ceased to exist. It is possible, of course, that the rite was also performed at the actual appearance of the new moon as well as on the traditional thirtieth, but this cannot be proved on the basis of evidence now available.

299 (Tab. , p. xvi) ; cf. also P. Mag. Pay. ; ]390 H. 80'TE (the victim) awpoIS, leaden tablet from Alexandria, Rh. Mus. 9, 37, 1. 22; a lead tablet from Phrygia (ECH. 1893, p. pw 'IT~VTaS' 'TOUS (1-'01 aVTla 'lToloiivTaS' "E'Td. Eap'ivav, etc. In the curses of Epigy. , p. popal ; see also Sterrett, Amey. Sch. va'Toi (or plalol, a term found in tbe magical papyri; cf. vaTov 'lTVEVl-'a, P. Mag. Pay. WPOI: they find no rest, see above, chap. V, n. , An. , A. iv, 386, quoting the physid; cf. , 2, 5, p.

Stratonicea, IS. Tarentum, 22. Thera, 18. Thessaly, 8; Pherae 0, Artemis Tralles, 17. 117. F. ) were the offerings laid at the crossroads every month for Hekate. e. the ghosts of those who for some reason cannot rest easy in their graves, and come back to earth in search of vengeance. l 61 In reality, then, these offerings are a specific variation of the primitive cult of the dead. And to a certain extent this specific variation is due to the wellknown fact that the Hekate with whom we have to deal is a composite deity.

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