Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh

By Lora Leigh

Significant Alex Jansen has constantly needed to quell the fireplace Janey Mackay ignites in him. Even touching her may suggest loss of life by means of the Mackay males. earlier, the woman of his desires has lived in a vacuum of love, shying clear of the risk she thinks males symbolize because of her painful prior. but if anyone starts off leaving Janey spine-chilling notes, Alex will not relaxation until eventually she's thoroughly secure and entirely his- physique and soul.

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Her pulse was weaker. “Ah God,” he whispered, more to himself than to the sergeant, who he knew was already pushing the limit. ” He’d waited too long. He’d watched her from afar. He’d helped Natches protect her, not because Natches was his friend, not because his sister, Crista, was married to Natches’s cousin Dawg. He’d watched over her, because watching her was something he couldn’t stop doing anyway. Because he was depraved. A bastard. He was obviously more warped than he had ever believed he was.

Driving explosions of light erupted behind her closed eyelids. She could feel him in every cell of her skin and she wanted to feel him deeper. Between her thighs, she could feel herself growing wet, swollen. Throbbing sensation pounded at her clit, inside her vagina. She was a mass of sudden internal explosions of need, and nothing mattered but this wild crescendo of pleasure now pounding through her. The sensations were frightening, exhilarating. They burned over her flesh, seared her insides.

They burned over her flesh, seared her insides. She felt herself growing dazed, sensually weak and unable to sate the need for more and more sensation. ” She moaned his name when his head jerked back, the strong column of his neck flexing with strength as she heard him inhale, hissing a breath from between his teeth as he gripped her rear and lowered her. Lowered her just enough to allow the thick wedge of his erection to press between her thighs. He was huge. Janey stiffened, her eyes widening, staring into his narrowed gaze as he moved her against him, stroking the soft silk of her panties against the distended knot of her clitoris.

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