Leçons sur la théorie des groupes et les symétries des by H. Bacry

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By H. Bacry

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Moment corrected printing 1980. moment extended version 1976.

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And questions about what does and what does not amount to a coincidence are matters (once again) on which the sort of fundamental physical theory we are imagining here can by no means be agnostic. And it is part and parcel of what it is for that sort of a theory to succeed (once again) that it answers every last one of those questions correctly. Now, compelling arguments to the effect that this or that particular fundamental physical theory of the world is actually going to be able to do all that are plainly going to be harder to come by here than they were in the much more straightforward case of the entropy of the universe.

Chapter 2 Physics and Chance David Albert Abstract I discuss the role of chance in the fundamental physical picture of the world, and in the connections between that fundamental picture and the various other pictures of the world that we have from the special sciences, and I make a few remarks about the sort of thing that chance would need to be in order to be able to play that role. 1 Chance Suppose that the world consisted entirely of point masses, moving in perfect accord with the Newtonian law of motion, under the influence of some particular collection of interparticle forces.

Scrutinizing the record of births in London during the previous 82 years, Arbuthnot found that in each year a preponderance of the children born had been boys: in his terms, each year was a “male year”. Why does this regularity hold? Proponents of the Unity-of Science view can offer a recipe for the explanation, although they can’t give the details. Start with the first year (1623); elaborate the physicochemical details of the first copulation-followed-bypregnency showing how it resulted in a child of a particular sex; continue in the same fashion for each pertinent pregnancy; add up the totals for male births and female births and compute the difference.

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