Delos: Investigating the notion of privacy within the by Samantha Burke

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By Samantha Burke

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Roofs, doors (and furniture) are missing which would have masked and affected the transfer of noise between rooms. 27 3- Privacy Unlike with sight line construction, we have no way of knowing the extent of or level of intrusion of noise on thesebuildings. Moore (1978: 73) points out that the only structural sound barriers that are really is features fit into Partial their surrounds. reduction effective are snugly noise which possible by the structure of the building itself, some sound being absorbed whatever floors Rooms the the upper courtyard and construction materials are used.

Figure 17 and Figure 18 show flute players and dancers/acrobatsin the foreground with double windows (pillars and architrave) in the background and a theatrical scenewith a female figure looking out of a half-open door. This secondsceneis the more important of the two as it contains an arrow-slit window placed high in the wall; similar to those within TQ IVB. 3 Conclusions A comparison of housesfrom Athens, Priene and Olynthos reveals common plan features and similarities in form. `Courtyard houses' are a feature of each site, with interior outdoor space open to the sky surrounded by rooms and suites of rooms which open inwards onto it.

It is likely that people occupying one house could hear neighbours talking within adjacent courtyards as well as noise from their domestic animals. Bruneau et al. (1996: 64) considers that occupants would have been unable to avoid hearing noise from their neighbours due to the proximity of housing, or their physical presence,with windows facing onto the courtyard from upper floors, especially where the two floors were independent. Upstairs rooms may have been quieter though the noise from these rooms would have carried to those below, and vice versa.

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