Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: Policies, Strategies by Nuclear Energy Agency

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By Nuclear Energy Agency

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Also, some countries provided data for reference or generic reactor types rather than for specific, named, reactor sites. Consequently, the trends reported below should be considered as indicative while individual data points illustrate the variability of the information provided. g. Latina, Italy) and 8 (Bruce and Pickering, Canada). Most responses refer to a specific nuclear power plant in a given country. However, some respondents provided more generic data representative of nuclear power plants in their respective countries.

7XS 86I9V B8S QXS S7HF WW@S However, it has been found from the data supplied that the deferral periods quoted are not presented on the same basis for all reactors. For example, the deferral periods quoted by some utilities are for a quiescent dormancy period only, excluding any period when major decommissioning or dismantling activities are occurring. e. including both a quiescent dormancy period and periods of major decommissioning activities. These different definitions of deferral times can result in significantly different numbers being quoted for essentially the same overall decommissioning duration.

Respondents were asked to answer “Yes” or “No” as to whether they included them in their scope or not. 8. Although answers were provided for each reactor site, it was found that, understandably, the answers were generally the same for all reactor sites in a country, or, where there was some variability, the differences were between utilities in a country. Therefore the answers have been grouped into a total of about 40 utilities/countries rather than being presented in terms of all of the ~80 reactor sites covered by the questionnaire responses.

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