Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers (Jumping Frogs:

A voracious pack-rat, Mark Twain hoarded his readers’ letters as did few of his contemporaries. Dear Mark Twain collects two hundred of those letters written through a various cross-section of correspondents from round the world—children, farmers, schoolteachers, businessmen, preachers, railroad clerks, inmates of psychological associations, con artists, or even a former president. it's a detailed and groundbreaking book—the first released number of reader letters to any author of Mark Twain’s time. Its contents have the funds for a unprecedented and exhilarating glimpse into the sensibilities of nineteenth-century humans whereas revealing the impression Samuel L. Clemens had on his readers. Clemens’s personal and infrequently startling reviews and replies also are included.

R. Kent Rasmussen’s wide learn offers attention-grabbing profiles of the correspondents, whose own tales are usually as attention-grabbing as their letters. starting from gushing fan appreciations and requests for aid and suggestion to feedback for writing tasks and stinging criticisms, the letters are jam-packed with perceptive insights, pathos, and accidental yet frequently riotous humor. Many are deeply relocating, various are hilarious, a few will be surprising, yet none are boring.

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S. Tuckey (Berkeley, 1972), 197. 31. org. 32. “One of Mankind’s Bores,” Galaxy, Feb. 1871. 33. Of the c. 1 percent from 1901–1910. 6 percent are from before 1871 or are undated. 34. The family was out of the country from late October 1903 through mid-July 1904. Otherwise, Clemens was abroad for only brief periods during this decade. 35. , letters 17, 27, 75, and 81. 36. An example is a letter from a Duluth man who sent Clemens an Allen revolver (Paine, Mark Twain: A Biography, 564–565). 37. See Carmen Ramos to Clemens, 22 Nov.

14 Introduction 28. Another writer besieged by begging letters was Charles Dickens, who published an essay titled “The Begging-Letter Writer” during the 1850s. His model of typical begging letters so closely resembles letters Clemens later received that Clemens might have written the same essay himself. See also Algernon Tassin, “The Craft smanship of Begging-Letter Writing,” Bookman 36, no. 3 (Nov. 1912): 246–254. Scott A. Sandage analyzes patterns in begging letters sent to the industrialist John D.

Letters to Sherlock Holmes, ed. R. L. Green (New York, 1985), resembles a collection of letters to Santa Claus in that most of its letters were addressed to an imaginary character; however, it also contains a handful of real letters to Arthur Conan Doyle. Children frequently address letters to Mark Twain in the North Pole of Twaindom, Hannibal, Missouri. Henry Sweets, the curator of Hannibal’s Mark Twain Museum, thoughtfully answers each of them. 7. “The Inimitable Becomes the Inimical: Dickens’s Bonfire Destroys Literary Heritage,” www.

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