DarkBASIC Pro Game Programming, Second Edition by Jonathan S. Harbour, Joshua R. Smith

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By Jonathan S. Harbour, Joshua R. Smith

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You might have heard the word used before, but without a clear frame of reference, it can be somewhat confusing. Code refers to the source code instructions that make up a program. The instructions themselves are designed to perform simple operations such as math, logic, or memory movement. These very low-level instructions tell the computer what to do. Of course, it’s very difficult for humans to read and write these instructions in the computer’s native format, which is referred to as machine language.

Writing a game engine, even for a 2D game, is very difficult and time consuming, and feels like reinventing the wheel. com) to create a game. But even a game engine like Torque involves a difficult learning curve as you get up to speed on the engine’s scripting language and functions, and then you must consider the game’s resources as well—the 3D models, textures, sprites, and so on. What you need is a way to quickly, easily, and spontaneously crank out the prototype version of your game idea before you lose interest and before the complexities of game programming overwhelm you and stifle the creative enthusiasm that you felt upon coming up with the new game idea.

1. You might think of the DB language as a ‘‘wrapper’’ for the game engine. 1 The DarkBASIC integrated development environment. 5 6 Chapter 1 n Computer Programming with DarkBASIC Professional draw a bitmap onto the screen and read the mouse position) interface with DirectX below the scripting language. You use this language to tell the game engine what to do, and the result is a running game. Since DarkBASIC was designed for writing games, it contains none of the complexity involved with languages such as Microsoft Visual C++ (the development tool used to develop most commercial games).

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