Critical Management Ethics by T. Klikauer

By T. Klikauer

Written within the ecu culture of Kant's philosophical trilogy on critique and Hegel's notion of moral existence it outlines the nice traditions in moral philosophy: Aristotelian advantage ethics, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism. It provides sleek ethics from Nietzsche, Adorno, and Habermas to Kohlberg's levels of ethical improvement.

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It is the negation of linearity. 22 Critical Management Ethics Fifthly, Kant says everything contains what is and what ought to be. Seeking to understand one without the other fails to understand ethics and management. Management represents a one sided representation of what is while simultaneously negating what ought to be. Sixthly, everything defines itself through what it is not and therefore needs the Other to develop an identity. We know what management is because we also know what it is not.

Apart from that, management is not about Hume’s ethics of humanity. In short management is the near total negation of Hume’s idea of the humanity of one man is the humanity of every one. To achieve such a level of ethical humanity the utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806–1873) believed that utilitarianism, therefore, could only attain its end by the general cultivation of nobleness of character. Management however does not cultivate a noble character but the opposite as the non-textbook reality of the Moral Maze (Jackall 1988), Dirty Business (Punch 1996), and Narcissistic Process and Corporate Decay (Schwartz 1990) depicts.

But ethics also emphasises the importance of bringing one’s emotions and dispositions into the harmony of an inner peace of mind. Inner harmony and peace are seen as inherent virtues. 63 Inside the managerial world, managers do what the organisation asks them to with the self-pacifying and invented excuse of ‘it’s my job’. If management would bring their emotions and dispositions into the harmony of an inner peace of mind, it would most likely cease to exist in its current form. Harmony and inner peace of mind totally contradict the managerial essentials of competition, cut-throat business, deceiving Critical Virtue Ethics: From Aristotle to Adorno 39 plans of strategic management, and a battlefield that incurs human casualties.

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