Cosmic Fusion (2002)(en)(254s) by Mantak Chia

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By Mantak Chia

Softcover exchange Paperback

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The Universal Tao recommends doing some stretching exercises, Chi Kung and Tai Chi before you begin to meditate. These exercises are both invigorating and relaxing; they relieve muscle tensions, stimulate the blood circulation, get rid of stale air in the lungs and oxygenate the blood. As an alternative, you can take a relaxing stroll outside. Doing some movement before entering the stillness of meditation can help you shake off the sluggishness that comes from being too sedentary and ease the tensions that might build up during a hectic day.

We emphasized earlier that the virtues are the true energetic essence of our organs. Although we may identify ourselves more with our physical body than anything else in the world, it is our energetic essence, not our physical body, that survives after death and has the capacity to be immortal. The Thrusting Channels and Belt Channels can be extended up into this Energy Body and Spirit Body. In this way they serve as connecting links between the organs and glands of the Physical Body and the transferred consciousness that is the Energy Body.

In Cosmic Fusion, the pakuas are used in greater detail to create a stronger connection with the forces of nature and draw much more energy into the pearl. Using the pakua in the meditation practice is a way to focus energy. The pakua creates a vortex that enables the practitioner to collect, gather and condense Chi. This vortex of energy is used to not only create a strong connection within ourselves, but a harmonious relationship with all the forces of nature. - 34 - Cosmic Fusion Return to the Wu Chi The Taoists realized that we are connected to the stars through our bodies as the human form is a product of stellar energy and matter.

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