Continental and Oceanic Rifts by G. P?lmason

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By G. P?lmason

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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geodynamics Series.

During the earlier decade of the overseas Geodynamics software many guides facing particular rift parts of the Earth's floor have seemed. such a lot of them symposia that have been held within the respective rift zones. one of the rifts hence taken care of are the Rhinegraben, Afar, Iceland, the Baikal rift, the Oslo paleorift, the Rio Grande rift and the lifeless Sea rift. in addition, guides facing stories of the sea flooring have mentioned many oceanic rift components.


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In mostly perpendicular they are oblique to several explain features are the described and them. Transform (Bonatti, Faults The importance of horizontal rift zones is indicated by the and Tharp, 1965) of ridge-ridge in the Oceans shear in the oceai abundance (Heezen transform faults (Wilson, 1965), by the strike slip motions derived from earthquake fault plane solutions (Sykes, 1967) and from direct observations (Arcyana, 1975). Yet despite many attempts to explain the origin of these faults, we still do l•ot know how and why they come into existence.

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Ethiopia the area and measurements vertical, stress Krafla 496-498, 1973. G. Mason than References Present-day the 1977. , G. Johnsen, S. Thorbergsson and E. Tryggvason, Rifting of the plate boundary in north Iceland 1975-1978, J. Geophys. , 84, 3029-3038, 1979. Brander, J. and G. Wadge, Distance measurements across the Heimaey eruptive fissure, Nature, slower kal rift zone appears to be dominated by large scale uplift of a vast area. This has been correlated to a large volume of the upper mantle with abnormally low seismic velocity and probably higher temperature than normal upper mantle (Zorin and Flovensov, 1979).

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