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Select from the file menu, select Selected —> New. Alternatively, right-click on Semantic Types and select New. The New Semantic Type window is displayed, as shown in Figure 3-14. Figure 3-14: Create a semantic type 3. Enter values for Name and Display name. 4. Click Apply and then Cancel. 8 Relationships (links, references, foreign keys) Relationships between items in Content Manager can be established in three ways. Depending on the requirements, you can use links, references, or foreign keys.

This folder becomes a part of the work package when a user continues it to the next work basket. 7. Select a Required item type. The collection point gathers this item type for inclusion in the work package. 8. Enter a number for Quantity needed. This field specifies how many items are needed to complete this item type requirement. For example, an auto insurance claim cannot progress unless it receives two estimates of auto damages. 9. Click Add to add this required item to the resume list. 10.

The document part item type needs to be associated with a Media Object (XDO) Class; this is similar to a resource item. Note If you create a custom defined document part and associate it with your document item type, it is not supported in the provided Content Manager clients. Versioning In Content Manager, you can keep multiple versions of items and objects. When you create an item type, you can specify the versions for items of that type on the Definition page of the New Item Type Definition window.

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