Constitution Writing, Religion and Democracy by Aslı Ü. Bâli, Hanna Lerner

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By Aslı Ü. Bâli, Hanna Lerner

What function do and may constitutions play in mitigating excessive disagreements over the non secular personality of a kingdom? and what sort of constitutional recommendations could reconcile democracy with the kind of spiritual calls for raised in modern democratising or democratic states? Tensions over religion-state family are gaining expanding salience in structure writing and rewriting world wide. This e-book explores the problem of crafting a democratic structure less than stipulations of deep war of words over a state's non secular or secular id. It attracts on a huge variety of suitable case reviews of prior and present constitutional debates in Europe, Asia, Africa and the center East, and gives invaluable classes for societies quickly to embark on structure drafting or modification approaches the place faith is an argument of competition.

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The Tunisian constitution-drafting process was undertaken by an elected constituent assembly with the resultant draft submitted for popular approval by referendum in 2014. Marzouki shows that the Tunisian uprisings of December 2010, the elections of October 2011, and the establishment of a new constitutional assembly triggered intense discussions about the identity and contours of the projected democratic Tunisia. In particular, controversies about the place of Islam, shari’a, and the protection of minorities or gender equality broke out among, and within, all parties.

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