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This text bargains an easy approach for calculating the web current worth of endured operations at nuclear energy vegetation in response to monetary analyses of yank Rowe and Trojan, crops that have been closed within the early Nineties. utilizing assumptions made by means of the plant vendors, the NPV of every was once unfavourable or approximately so, yet these NPVs count seriously at the assumed rate of electrical energy and value according to kilowatt-hour.

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Decommissioning and waste management issues related to original NPP operation Decommissioning and waste management issues must be managed whatever the operating lifetime of the NPP. The IAEA is developing guidance to review issues and factors affecting decommissioning and to assist in the selection of decommissioning strategies [30]. Costs assignable to an early closure or to a continued operation relate only to the differences in costs due to the change in closure date from that initially intended.

As such, these issues would need to be addressed at some point in the future and the only real impact is the timing of the event. In many cases no such planning for eventual closure has been undertaken and initial perceptions of impact are judged on the basis of assumptions that are likely to prove invalid. Generally this is attributable to either time pressures or the lack of easy access to relevant guidance or the experiences of others in similar circumstances. This section provides guidance on a wide range of factors which are relevant to the change in projected operation lifetime of the NPP.

The overall economic, social and environmental impacts of such direct consequential changes in related major customers should therefore also be considered as part of the overall assessment process. As an example, the overall increase in electricity prices in the Pacific Northwest region of USA during 2000–2001 resulted in local generating plants revoking their contracts to supply low cost electricity to the regional aluminum smelters. It was much more profitable to transmit the generated power to the more distant and higher value California energy markets, despite the transmission losses over the more than 1,000 km distance.

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