Computational models of visual processing by Michael Landy, J. Anthony Movshon

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By Michael Landy, J. Anthony Movshon

The plenoptic functionality and the weather of early imaginative and prescient / Edward H. Adelson and James R. Bergen --
Learning receptor positions / Albert J. Ahumada, Jr. --
A version of aliasing in extrafoveal human imaginative and prescient / Carlo L.M. Tiana ... [et al.] --
Models of human rod receptors and the ERG / Donald C. Hood and David G. Birch --
The layout of chromatically opponent receptive fields / Peter Lennie, P. William Haake, and David R. Williams --
Spatial receptive box association in monkey V1 and its courting to the cone mosaic / Michael J. Hawken and Andrew J. Parker --
Neural distinction sensitivity / Andrew B. Watson --
Spatiotemporal receptive fields and path selectivity / Robert Shapely, R. Clay Reid, and Robert Soodak --
Nonlinear version of neural responses in cat visible cortex / David J. Heeger. A template matching version of subthreshold summation / Jacob Nachmias --
Noise within the visible process should be early / Denis G. Pelli --
Pattern discrimination, visible filters, and spatial sampling irregularity / Hugh R. Wilson --
A bilinear version of the illuminant's impression on colour visual appeal / David H. Brainard and Brian A. Wandell --
Shading ambiguity : reflectance and illumination / Michael D'Zmura --
Transparency and the cooperative computation of scene attributes / Daniel Kersten --
Theories for the visible conception of neighborhood pace and coherent movement / Norberto M. Grzywacz and Alan L. Yuille --
Computational modeling of visible texture segregation / James R. Bergen and Michael S. Landy --
Complex channels, early neighborhood nonlinearities, and normalization in texture segregation / Norma Graham. Orthogonal distribution research : a brand new method of the examine of texture notion / Charles Chubb and Michael S. Landy --
Shape from X : psychophysics and computation / Heinrichs H. Bülthoff --
Computational concerns in fixing the stereo correspondence challenge / John P. Frisby and Stephen B. Pollard --
Stereo, surfaces, and form / Andrew J. Parker ... [et al.].

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External visual images fonn the input for model 3. Th is model refines the image re­ construction on the basis of experience, allOWing compen­ sation for optical distortions, imperfections in the prior mechanisms, and new errors that may develop as the retina continues to develop after birth. Although each model perfonns a useful task on its own and need not be associated with the others, the second two use results of their predecessors. The inter­ polation function construction process of model 2 assumes that certain points in the reconstructed image correspond to the receptor positions, presumably as copied by model 1.

B) The interpolation weights from that receptor position to the others. 7 shows the additional circuitry needed at each weighting unit to adjust the weights. A fourth new layer, a layer of multipliers compute the product of the i th input, Sk,i and the jth error, ek,j' A fifth new layer multi­ r, the learning plies this product by a constant gain factor rate. The sixth and last new layer subtracts the weighted surrounding weights are negative (light gray). (e) The interpolation function from that receptor position.

E. ( 1 98 7). Distribution of cones in human and monkey retina: I gratefully acknowledge the helpful suggestions of Misha Pavel, Jeff Mulligan, Dave Williams, Mike Landy, Lee Stone, and Kathy Turano. Indi vidual variability and radial asymmetry. Science, 236, 5 79-5 82. DeYoe, E. A & Van Essen, D. C. (1 988). Concurrent processing streams in monkey visual cortex. Trends in Neuroscience, 1 1 , 219-226. Geisler, W. S. (1984). Phy sical limits of acuity and hyperacuity. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 1.

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