Collected Essays, Volume 1: Ancient Israel and Its by Na'aman, Nadav

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By Na'aman, Nadav

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Carmel, which marked the border between Tyre and Israel (Aharoni 1970:17; Astour 1971:385-388 and note 16). It was suggested above that Damascus was deeply involved in the struggles of the years 804-803 against Assyria, and Adad-nirari may well have reached the northern border of Israel after he = 13. This was commonly accepted by all scholars. , Montgomery 1951:433-434; Lipinski 1979:84-85; Rehm 1982:128-130, with earlier literature. 14. For a survey of the suggestions offered for the identity of the deliverer, see Gray 1970: 594-595; Lipinski 1979:88, note 129; Rehm 1982:129-130.

No Iron Age city has been discovered in any of the sites that actually are called by the name Aphek. As the name is so common in the Syro-Palestinian toponymy, one hardly can be certain as to the exact location of the city mentioned in 1 Kgs. 20:26-30 and 2 Kgs. 13:17. Forced Participation in Alliances 27 ternal powers that became involved in the fighting were Urartu in the north, Egypt in the south-west and Elam in the east. That this was conceived as a new stage in the history of the wars is indicated by the appearance of a new term, kitru, by which the scribes of the Assyrian royal inscriptions derogatorily started to call the anti-Assyrian alliances that were concluded between enemy kings (Liverani 1982:43-66).

20:1 was suggested by scholars, who assumed that the prophetic legend refers to an event of the time of Ahab. See Alt 1934:245-248 (~ 1959:223-225); Mazar 1948:106-107; Gray 1970:420-422. For criticism, see Jepsen 1941/44:169, note 48. 24 Israel and Assyria nirari proceeded southward and reached the northern border of Israel (Ba'li Ba'li-ra'si). J Stela (Dalley 1968:142:8, 144-145, 148-149). Soon after the Assyrian retreat (802 BCE), Bar-Hadad tried, for the second time, to invade Israel. This time he was defeated at Aphek (1 Kgs.

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