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Your consultant to a better ranking at the DAT Why CliffsTestPrep courses? elect the identify you recognize and belief Get the data you need--fast! Written through test-prep experts concerning the contents: half I: creation * evaluate of the DAT and scoring directions * Test-taking guidance and methods half II: topic experiences * Covers 4 parts proven at the DAT: average Sciences (Biology and Chemistry), Perceptual skill, interpreting Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning * comprises question/answer structure and solution reasons half III: DAT perform exams * includes 4 components just like the DAT * involves multiple-choice questions by means of solutions and reasons CD-ROM with All Questions within the ebook, together with three perform checks, solutions, and special factors * try out mode permits instant suggestions on a question-by-question foundation * offers adventure answering questions electronically Test-Prep necessities from the specialists at CliffsNotes? An American BookWorks company undertaking individuals: Tracy Howard, PhD; Sasheena A. Kurfman; Dai Chinh Phan, DDS, MS, BSAE; Walter Voland, PhD; Mark Weinfield, MA greater than Notes! CliffsAP? CliffsComplete? CliffsQuickReview? CliffsTestPrep? CliffsStudySolver

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