Civilizations and World Order: Geopolitics and Cultural by Fred Dallmayr, M. Akif Kayapınar, İsmail Yaylacı, Ahmet

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By Fred Dallmayr, M. Akif Kayapınar, İsmail Yaylacı, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Cemil Aydın, Chris Brown, Çiğdem Çıdam, Raymond Duvall Professor of Political Science University of Minnesota, Richard Falk, Robert Gilpin, Hans Köchler, S. Sayyid, Georg Sørensen, Tu Wei

Civilizations and international Order: Geopolitics and Cultural distinction examines the function of civilizations within the context of the present and attainable global order(s) from a cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary standpoint. Contributions search to elucidate the that means of such advanced and contested notions as “civilization,” “order,” and “world order”; they achieve this by means of making an allowance for political, fiscal, cultural, and philosophical dimensions of social existence. The booklet bargains with its major subject matter from 3 angles or vectors: first, the geopolitical or power-political context of civilizations; secondly, different roles of civilizations or cultures opposed to the backdrop of “post-coloniality” and “Orientalism”; and thirdly, the significance of ideological and local ameliorations as elements assisting or obstructing global order(s). All in all, different contributions reveal the effect of competing civilizational trajectories at the functioning or malfunctioning of latest international order.

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Admittedly, at present, after the `No’ votes in France and The Netherlands of 2005, the French urban riots, the Danish cartoon controversy, the electoral success of anti-immigration political parties, the outlook in Europe is currently not favorable at all with respect to Turkish accession. If this remains the case, then the EU will find itself, at best, a post-Westphalian enclave of EuroWestcentric nostalgia, or even the scene of failed revivals. IV. GLOBALIZATION AND THE ENDGAME OF MONOCIVILIZATIONALISM There is little doubt that the American aim in the aftermath of the Cold War was to promote a monocivilizational solution to an emerging 16 Richard Falk circumstance of globalization.

On the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary, the United Nations Organization has tried to set the record straight, making it more difficult, at least in terms of international doctrine, to use civilization as a smokescreen for waging imperial wars, particularly those under the label of the “global war on terror” to which there is no end in sight. The UN Security Council, in a resolution adopted on 14 September 2005, emphasized “that continuing international efforts to enhance dialogue and broaden understanding among civilizations, in an effort to prevent the indiscriminate targeting of different religions and cultures, and addressing unresolved regional conflicts and the full range of global issues .

In the absence of a balance of power, the dominant actor increasingly resorts to the propagation of its own civilization as a system of values by which humanity is supposedly expressed more fully than in other civilizational systems. The “Western” way of life, Civilization as Instrument of World Order? 23 portrayed as superior in terms of human dignity, is considered as being of exemplary nature. This particular civilization is used as source of legitimacy for the policies, including economic as well as military measures, of the global hegemon.

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