Chess Life - October 2008 by Daniel Lucas

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By Daniel Lucas

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Kg1 Bf3 48. Rxa7 Bxe4 49. c6 + + + + Rpp + k +P+ + p +P+ + + + +lp + +P+ + +P + r + + + + +LK After 49. c6 49. bxc6? This move loses right away. Although Black is not going to win after 49. c6, if he played 49. Kf6 50. cxb7 Rd8 it is still possible for him to escape with a draw. 51. Kf2 Ke5 52. Be2 Rb8 (52. f3 53. b6!! cxb6 [53. Kd6 54. Ra8 Rxa8 55. bxa8=Q Bxa8 56. bxc7 Bb7 (56. Kxc7 Bxf3) 57. Bxf3 Ba6 58. Kg3 Kxc7 59. Kh4 Bf1 60. Bg4 winning] 54. Bxf3 Bxf3 55. Kxf3 Rb8 56. Kg4 Kd6 57. Kh5 Kc7 58.

Bxf3 Rxa6 30. bxa6 Now she has let me undouble my extra b-pawn, and consolidate on the kingside, thus neutralizing her attack. PHOTO: RANDY WHEELESS 30. Nc8 31. Ba3 Rd8 32. Qc4 Na7 33. Rc1 Qh4 34. Kg1 Be7 35. Qc3 Qf6 36. Qa5 Rc8 37. Qb6 d5 38. Bxe7 Qxe7 39. exd5 Bxd5 40. Rxc8+ Nxc8 41. Qb8 (see diagram top of next column) Now all I have to do is concentrate on promoting my pawn on the sixth rank. I just needed a way to trade off pieces in order to get rid of her defense, so now my pawn has a clear path.

I also knew Mayorga wouldn’t want a draw and so had to make inferior moves on purpose to create complications to sustain any winning chances. 27. Qb3 Re8 28. c5 Qd8 + qr+ k ppp + l + + +lp + PNn p P +P+ + +Q+ + +P PL + +L+ + + +R+K After 28. Qd8 29. Ne3 Around here I started feeling like I had lost the momentum of the position, that my advantage had disappeared and that my best plan was to bring the knight from its best square on d5 to come around to f5 to improve my position. But even after this Mayorga had a defense.

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