Challenging the Nimzo-Indian by David Vigorito

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By David Vigorito

Each aggressive chess participant wishes a valid clutch of the way to play this establishing - and particularly the best way to meet the preferred strains. The Nimzo-Indian is Black's most useful resolution to 1.d4 and is immensely renowned in any respect degrees, from membership championship to international championship. actually, the acceptance of the Nimzo is so excessive that a few gamers favor just to steer clear of it. American overseas grasp David Vigorito indicates that this unfavourable technique is mindless. "Challenging the Nimzo-Indian" presents White with an entire repertoire in accordance with 4.Qc2. The chess is unquestionably at a excessive point, yet Vigorito's logical strategy and transparent conclusions signifies that: readers can simply clutch the techniques and less-experienced avid gamers can play throughout the fine quality instance video games which are comprehensively defined.

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Td6 13 l:1e1! lLlg4?! Warkentin, Bad Ems 200S. 12lL:lc3 The position is rather sharp. White has the makings of a positional advan­ tage, as his ds -pawn is securel y de­ fended, whereas Black's e4-pawn does not enjoy the support of a fellow pawn. If White can compl ete his devel opment and place at l east one rook on the e­ fil e, then the e-pawn may become a long-term weakness. Furthermore, 27 Beating Unusual Chess Defences: 1 e4 Black must constantly be on the look­ out for a queenside pawn storm with c5-c6.

At this point Watson points out the im­ provement 19 d6! :tad1 with more than enough compensation. 17 'ii'a 41? White allows his kingside structure to be damaged, hoping to develop strong play on the light squares. th 5 18 'ii'd 3 looks like a sensible alter­ native, after which I also prefer White's position - compare note 'c' to Black's last move. xf3 18 gxf3 b6 ... With the positional threat of ... tt:lb7, forcing the c-pawn to give way, after Sca n d i n a vi a n Defe n ce which the knight can settle on the d6square.

16 lLlxf7 and 15 ... c6 16 d5! were also difficult for him, so 15 ... e6 looks best, although 16 'ii'f3 c6 17 dxc5 'ii'e 7 18 'ii'e 3 gives White excel- Time is of the essence! txf3 14 'ii'xf3 e6 (also after 14 ... Koubkova, Kla­ tovy 1998. 13 �h4 g51 Once again Black has no time to lose. e5 as quickly as possible and if he has to weaken his king side then so be it. 14 �g3 es 53 B e a ting U n u s u a l Chess D efe n ces: 1 The consistent move. others: a) 14 ... e6? :tb1 the initiative is with White.

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