Carbohydrates and Energy Metabolism by Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, Roger Butterworth

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By Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, Roger Butterworth

The mammalian primary fearful approach relies nearly - clusively on glucose as its significant power resource. moreover, g- cose participates in different cerebral metabolic capabilities together with the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters, akin to acetylcholine and the amino acids. This quantity of Neuromethods assembles presently to be had equipment for the research of cerebral glucose and effort metabolism in vitro and in mm. within the first bankruptcy, Lust et al. describe many of the tools to be had for the perfect fixation of mind tissue important for the learn of cerebral power metabolism. diversified fixation equipment are in comparison, and a few issues raised by way of the USDHHS of their directions for the care and use of laboratory animals are addressed. particular fixation tools pertinent to many of the measurements also are lined in different chapters. In vitro p- parations have, regardless of convinced barriers, been chanced on to be beneficial within the examine of mind metabolism, because the biochemical envir- ment is amenable to speedy, managed manipulation. The bankruptcy by means of Lai and Clark describes equipment for the isolation and characterization of metabolically lively arrangements of synaptic and non-synaptic mitochondria from mind, and stories of - zymes serious about glucose metabolism and glucose-derived neurotransmitter synthesis in those arrangements are summarized. The bankruptcy via Whittingham discusses tools of arrangements of hippocampal slices to be used within the research of strength metabolism. dimension of glucose and of glycolytic and dicarboxylic acid cycle intermediates in neural tissues are defined within the bankruptcy by way of Bachelard.

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Comparison of Brain Metabolite Concentrations Just as rapid fixation of the brain is important in the study of certain neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and neuromediators, it is equally critical in the study of metabohtes concerned with cerebral energy metabolism. , 1972a), eventually they have all relied, to some degree, on the measurement of energy-related metabolites to establish the validity of the methods. Indeed, the lability of certain metabolites to anoxia/ischemia have made them useful in determining the extent of blood flow disruption prior to fixing the tissue.

These properties are quite useful for measuring tissue concentrations of the pyridine nucleotides. Hemoglobin can oxidize the reduced forms. However, this can be avoided by the followmg procedure. 5 mM cysteine. The extracts can be more concentrated if the amount of hemoglobin is relatively low At this concentration of NaOH, the half-time for the disppearance of the oxidized pyridine nucleotides at 0°C is greater than 8 h. The total pyridine nucleotide pool can be enzymically determined on this sample.

008 a-OG Rat Bram* *Results for groups (a-d) reported by Ponten et al (1973a), for group (e) by Veech et al (1973), for group (f) by Qulstorff (1975), and for group (g) by McCandless et al (1976) The anesthesia used m groups (c) and (d) was 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen and paralyzed slgmfies that the ammals were paralyzed with tubocuranne chloride. The metabollte data with the exception of the lactatelpyruvate ratio are expressed m mmoYkg wet wt, and each value represents the mean ? 34 either m situ or immersion fixation removed in a cryostat mamtamed value represents the mean * SEM wet wt and the L/P IS the ratio of of sample mm P-creatme mmollmg Table 4 Metabolite Levels from Superficial to Deeper Layers of the Gerbd Brain Followmg Either Freezing Intact (I) or Funnel Freezmg (F) 16 Lust et al.

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