Build Up Your Chess With Artur Yusupov, Volume 3: Mastery by Artur Yusupov

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By Artur Yusupov

Well known grandmaster Artur Yusupov completes his process chess development. quantity 1, the basics, confirmed membership gamers the elemental rules they need to understand; quantity 2, past the fundamentals, trigger at the highway to chess mastery, and now in quantity three we arrive at our ultimate vacation spot. Yusupov courses the reader utilizing rigorously chosen positions and recommendation. This new figuring out is then established by means of a sequence of puzzles.

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Black has a way to escape the madness by 16)…f6. The most logical line continues with 17)Qc8+ Ke7 18)Be3 g6 19)Qc7 Ke8 20)Bxa7. This position is materially equal, but White still has a large positional advantage. At the moment, White has three pawns for a piece, and Black’s king is walking a tightrope. Also, in some variations, White will win the piece back and be up three clear passed pawns. White is clearly better, but there are chances for White to misplay the current position. To be objective, 16)Qb7 is not the best move for White to play.

8: Position after 4)…Bxf3. 9). The other logical move would be 5)gxf3, but this creates doubled pawns (pawn structure). 10, Black responds 5)…dxe5 to avoid being a pawn down (material). 11). First, it develops a piece. Second, checkmate is also threatened with 7)Qxf7. Finally, it frees up the last square for White to castle (time, space, and king safety). 9: Position after 5)Qxf3. 10: Position after 5)…dxe5. 12, Black plays the very unassuming developing move 6)…Nf6. It stops the checkmate while developing a piece toward the center.

This formation is called the Ruy Lopez. 16: The Ruy Lopez. Opening Names Chess openings have most commonly adopted their names from chess players themselves. In some cases, they have been named after countries or nationalities. Rarely are they descriptions of positions or named after animals. 17). Not only does this contain a nationality (Sicilian), it is telling you the idea (defense—which is typically Black’s first move in response to White’s first move). 17: The Sicilian Defense. Usually, there are two words to explain the origin (Sicilian) and the idea (defense) of an opening.

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