Boost Your Chess 2 with Artur Yusupov by Artur Yusupov

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By Artur Yusupov

Advance your Chess 2 keeps Yusupov's past the fundamentals sequence. the basics sequence indicates avid gamers the elemental principles they need to understand, then the past the fundamentals sequence units off at the street to mastery. Yusupov publications the reader in the direction of the next point of chess realizing utilizing rigorously chosen positions and recommendation. This new realizing is then confirmed through a chain of puzzles.

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E2:t) 7 ... b5! (White aims to exploit his lead in development) 1 4 ... Grosar, Celje 2003. White has a dangerous initiative. See Ex. 4-2. lLln In this variation, White must defend the d4-pawn well. s ... llJge7 42 Opening repertoire for White - the French Defence --------� > This move is rarely employed. The continuations are 5 . . d7. lUa3, intending lUc2, is an alternative. cxd4 li:lf5 A standard strategy: Black puts pressure on d4. But here White can exchange the knight. e6 Diagram 4-2 Diagram 4-2 White is still delaying castling.

3-2 6... Kholmov USSR Ch semi-final, Leningrad 1 955 Ex. Le4! Wfxc4 Wfh4 gives Black a strong arrack. l . d5! (2 points) Only 1 consolation point for l . g3! ic6+. hh7t @xh? e7! lLJd3 lLlxg3! Wfxd5? @g2 lLJh4#. §b3!! h1 Wfl t 0-1 White has a promising attack. Ex. 3-S Ex. ixd7! lbxg2! White simply wins a pawn, since 1 . 13d8? ie6t+-. ig5+-. (another 1 point) 1 . g3+ . tDc4 lLlc5 and Black is winning.

G6! (not 3 ... a7t? @e8+- nor 3 . b8? cJ7d6 cJ7f6=. a7t! The simplest solution. Black must prevent cJ7e8 followed by e7. a2? b8+-. a6 is also possible! ) there follows 4 ... =. a1 5 Now e7 is no longer a threat. @d6 'it>f8= 3 2 a b c d e f g h T Diagram 5-1 2 The stalemate defence Diagram 5-12 Another useful defensive idea. = Black must of course avoid passive defence! l ... b8? f7t. fXg7 stalemate. 5 2 ... gg2= 4 With a transition to the Philidor defence. 3 2 a b c d e f Stalemate defence g h In the exercises you will need these ideas and methods in order to find the correct solutions.

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