Between Eden and Armageddon: The Future of World Religions, by Marc Gopin

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By Marc Gopin

Fresh years have noticeable a meteoric upward thrust within the energy and value of prepared faith in lots of elements of the realm. even as, there was an important raise in violence perpetrated within the identify of faith. whereas a lot has been written at the dating among violence and spiritual militancy, background exhibits that spiritual humans have additionally performed a serious position in peacemaking inside a number of cultures. within the new century, will faith carry upon additional catastrophes? Or will it supply human civilization with equipment of care, therapeutic, and the construction of peaceable and simply societies?
In this groundbreaking ebook, Marc Gopin integrates the examine of faith with the examine of clash answer. He argues that faith can play a serious position in developing an international neighborhood of shared ethical commitments and vision--a group that may restrict clash to its nonviolent, positive kind. If we study spiritual myths and ethical traditions, Gopin argues, we will be able to comprehend why and whilst non secular humans come to violence, and why and once they turn into staunch peacemakers. He exhibits that it's the conservative expression of such a lot non secular traditions that provides the most important problem by way of peace and clash. Gopin considers how one can build conventional paradigms which are dedicated to peacemaking on a deep point and gives one of these paradigm for the case of Judaism. all through, Gopin emphasizes that constructing the potential for the world's religions for dealing with clash calls for a wide awake approach at the a part of peacemakers and theologians. His cutting edge and punctiliously argued examine additionally deals a extensive set of suggestions for coverage planners either in and out of presidency.

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Or there may need to be a parallel system of dialogue in which enemies at corresponding levels of religious hierarchies could meet, then report to their superiors. 7 The problem with this is that few actors at higher levels of authority encourage or even permit lower members to engage in such work, lest they subvert the hierarchy. This has been a perpetual problem in Bosnia and the Philippines, to mention just two places. The lower-level participants do come to the dialogues, but they often feel that they cannot speak.

There are a variety of complex reasons for these limitations that touch upon the basic rift between liberal, secular modernity and the world of religious belief and practice. We will explore this in the next chapter. II A Critique of Current Secular and Religious Approaches to Conflict and Peace This page intentionally left blank THREE Why Modern Culture Fails to Understand Religiously Motivated Violence T he complex nature of the interactions among world religions, peacemaking, and conflict generation in recent decades, in addition to the role of religion throughout history, warrants a special area of investigation.

Acknowledging and dealing with those struggles is crucial for conflict resolution in a religious context. S. response to Bosnian genocide. There were numerous voices in the Muslim and Jewish communities calling not only for an end to the violence on the part of the Serbians, which was certainly also vociferously being called for by the Christian community, but also calling for a commitment to arm the Bosnians to defend themselves and even to strike Serbia militarily. There are various cultural factors that could be pointed to in order to explain this rather unusual alignment of Jew and Muslim versus Christian pacifists.

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