Averbakh's Selected Games by Yuri Averbakh

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By Yuri Averbakh

Russian grandmaster, Yuri Averbakh has selec ted the main fascinating and instructive video games from his weal th of expertise. avid gamers are sure to be insipred by means of t hese vintage video games and designated annotations. '

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BS . ', I asked in surprise. 'Naturally! ' , was the reply. Aronin, who was engrossed in his own thoughts, did not pay any attention to our words, but two months later, at the Chigorin Memorial Tournament, it was Taimanov who succeeded in catching Aronin in this variation and earning an important point! In my game with Suetin I was of course hoping that he would play 'Ii la Aronin' , but things turned out somewhat differently. 10 11 �e2 �e7 bS I did not then know that this move had occurred in Dubinin-Ilivitsky (RSFSR Cup 1 9S0), which went 12 �xd6 b4 13 lLlb 1 lLlxe4 1 4 �xe7 "'xe7 I S "e3 with advan­ tage to White, but later an improvement for Black was found: 1 4 .

35 36 It)e4 1i'b3 It)e8 � g7 If 3 6 . . :a2 there follows 3 7 It)a5 :a4 3 S lt)c6. 37 It)e2 ! The entrance of this knight into the play strengthens White's position still further. The black pieces are thrown back. t b5 41 It)e7 After 4 1 . . txc6 42 dxc6 "'xc6 43 b5 "'b7 44 lt)d5 the win for White is merely a question of time, since if 44 . . txf6 46 b6. The move played is a cunning trap! tb6, but then Szabo had prepared a clever trick: 43 . . bS ! txc7 "'xc7 45 It)xb5 "'b6 46 It)a3 "'xf2+ 47 �h 1 h5 4S g5 1i'e2 with drawing chances.

F6+) 3 1 Wxg5 and Black 47 Averbakh 's Selected Games has no defence. If, for example, 3 1 . . 1i'xf2+ 32 :g2 1i'f4+ 33 1i'xf4 exf4, both 34 �f6 and 34 :ag l are possible. Of course, all these variations do not exhaust the possibilities in the position, but they vividly demonstrate just how strong White's attack could have been. xa4 bxc3 and switch completely to the realisation of his extra pawn, which in this complicated position, where Black has the two bishops, is not an easy matter. e3 �b6 he will seize the initiative on the queenside.

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