Automorphic Forms (Universitext) by Anton Deitmar

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By Anton Deitmar

Automorphic kinds are an immense advanced analytic instrument in quantity idea and glossy mathematics geometry. They performed for instance an essential position in Andrew Wiles's facts of Fermat's final Theorem. this article presents a concise advent to the area of automorphic types utilizing techniques: the vintage simple thought and the fashionable standpoint of adeles and illustration idea. The reader will examine the $64000 goals and result of the speculation by way of focussing on its crucial elements and proscribing it to the 'base field' of rational numbers. scholars for instance in mathematics geometry or quantity concept will locate that this booklet presents an optimum and simply available creation into this subject.

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40 2 Modular Forms for SL2 (Z) Reduction modulo d gives ab ≡ aβ mod d . Being a divisor of n, the number a is coprime to d , so b ≡ β mod(d ). In the same way we get b ≡ β mod d. Hence Rm Rn = Rmn and so Tm Tn f = m 2 −1 Tn f |y = (mn) 2 −1 k k y∈Rm f |(yz) y∈Rm z∈Rn = (mn) 2 −1 k f |w = Tmn f. w∈Rmn For the last point note p Rp = 1 ∪ 1 x pb : b p : b mod p , as well as pa Rp n = a,b≥0, a+b=n . x mod(p b ) It follows that R p Rp n = p a+1 px pb : a,b≥0, a+b=n x mod(p b ) p n+1 The second set, together with over this gives the term Tpn+1 .

We conclude f = g. 23 For a normalized Hecke eigenform f (z) = ∞ n n=0 c(n)q we have • c(mn) = c(m)c(n) if gcd(m, n) = 1, • c(p)c(p n ) = c(p n+1 ) + p k−1 c(p n−1 ), n ≥ 1. 4. 24 We say that a Dirichlet series L(s) = ∞ n=1 an n , which converges in some half plane {Re(s) > a}, has an Euler product of degree k ∈ N, if for every prime p there is a polynomial Qp (x) = 1 + ap,1 x + · · · + ap,k x k such that in the domain Re(s) > a one has L(s) = p 1 . 5. 26 The L-function L(f, s) = ∞ n=1 c(n)n ∞ n eigenform f (z) = n=0 c(n)q ∈ Mk has an Euler product: L(f, s) = p 1 , 1 − c(p)p −s + p k−1−2s which converges locally uniformly absolutely for Re(s) > k.

One defines σf = f |σ −1 and one then gets (σ σ )f = σ (σ f ). Proof The only non-trivial assertion is f |(σ σ ) = (f |σ )|σ . For k = 0 this is simply: f | σ σ (z) = f σ σ z = f |σ σ z = (f |σ )|σ (z). Let j (σ, z) = (cz + d). One verifies that this ‘factor of automorphy’ satisfies a so-called cocycle relation: j σ σ , z = j σ, σ z j σ , z . As f |k σ (z) = j (σ, z)−k f |0 σ (z), we conclude f |k σ σ (z) = j σ σ , z −k = j σ, σ z −k f |0 σ σ (z) j σ ,z −k (f |0 σ )|0 σ (z) = (f |k σ )|k σ (z).

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