Atari BASIC faster and better by Carl M. Evans

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By Carl M. Evans

Atari Basic-Faster and Better

Atari info sequence quantity 1

Carl M. Evans

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I will give you a hint on where to start looking - DATAPAK uses this technique. You will find that the string packing techniques we have discussed in this section provide one of the fastest, most flexible, and most memory efficient methods for handling USR routines. It really would not be useful to show you every routine in this book in the string packed format, so I won't. However, I do recommend that you take the POKE values, load them into memory, save them to disk as an object file, and then use DATAPAK on the file to create nice, neat, string packed arrays.

NO? THEN KILL THE COMPUTER ;GRAB MSB OF ARGUMENT ;GRAB LSB OF ARGUMENT ;STORE LSB IN X REGISTER ;SETUP PAGE ZERO POINTER ;RETRIEVE THE ARGUMENT ;SET OFFSET TO ZERO ;WRITE CHARACTER TO SCREEN ;POINT TO NEXT SPOT ON SCREEN ;IF POINT<=FF THEN GO BACK ;INC MSB ;ARE WE FINISHED? ;NO? THEN GO BACK ;RETURN TO BASIC As a matter of comparison, try the following BASIC routine that does the same thing as the USR routine: 100 FOR X=40000 TO 40959 :POKE X,10:NEXT X 110 GOTO 110 This BASIC routine takes almost seven seconds to fill the screen with a character as compared to the almost instantaneous action of the machine language subroutine!

LST: 1. LOAD the program that you want to analyze. 2. LST". LST. 3. RUN your program to initialize the variables, then simply execute a GOSUB 19940. ATARI BASIC Faster & Better 57 4. A short menu will come up asking you to press the START botton for output to the screen or SELECT for output to a printer. If you select the printer, be sure to turn your printer ON before pressing SELECT. 5. If you modify your program, make sure that you delete the lister routine when you LIST the new version to disk.

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