Arc-Continent Collision by Dennis Brown, Paul D. Ryan

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By Dennis Brown, Paul D. Ryan

Arc-continent collision has been one of many very important tectonic tactics within the formation of mountain belts all through geological time, and it is still so at the present time alongside tectonically lively plate obstacles reminiscent of these within the SW Pacific or the Caribbean. Arc-continent collision is believed to were some of the most very important technique curious about the expansion of the continental crust over geological time, and should additionally play a massive position in its recycling again into the mantle through subduction. figuring out the geological methods that ensue in the course of arc-continent collision is hence of significance for our figuring out of the way collisional orogens evolve and the way the continental crust grows or is destroyed. additionally, zones of arc-continent collision are manufacturers of a lot of the worlds fundamental financial wealth within the kind of minerals, so knowing the strategies that happen in the course of those tectonic occasions is of value in modeling how this mineral wealth is shaped and preserved. This booklet brings jointly seventeen papers which are devoted to the research of the tectonic procedures that happen in the course of arc-continent collision. it's divided into 4 sections that deal to start with with the most avid gamers excited by any arc-continent collision; the continental margin, the subduction region, and at last the volcanic arc and its mineral deposits. the second one part provides 8 examples of arc-continent collisions that variety from being at the moment lively via to Palaeoproterozoic in age. The 3rd part comprises papers, person who offers with the obduction of large-slab ophiolites and a moment that offers a variety of actual types of arc-continent collision. The fourth part brings every little thing that comes prior to jointly right into a dialogue of the methods of arc-continent collision.

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On the basis of the comparison, the onset of subduction in the Rio San Juan segment of the Caribbean Great Arc can be constrained to approximately 120 Ma. This segment was thus obviously active for more than 65 Ma. An orthogonal convergence rate of 15–25 mm/a requires that a minimum amount of 975–1,625 km of oceanic crust must have been subducted. Both petrological/geochronological data and numerical 2 Intra-oceanic Subduction Zones 33 Fig. 6 Serpentinite melange (a) forming in the spontaneously evolving subduction channel (Fig.

Lower viscosities result in smaller characteristic length scales for coherent units and a marked contrasts between adjacent slices, a structure commonly termed melange, while higher viscosities favour the formation of extensive coherent nappe-like slices. These conclusions based on relatively simple lowviscosity serpentinized subduction channel model (Figs. g. Federico et al. 2007; Krebs et al. 2008) of subduction-related serpentinite me´langes. For example, Federico et al. (2007) tested the serpentinized channel hypothesis by investigating a serpentinite me´lange in the Western Alps, which contains exotic mafic and metasedimentary tectonic blocks, recording heterogeneous metamorphic evolutions and variable high-pressure ages.

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