Another Man's War: The Story of a Burma Boy in Britain's by Barnaby Phillips

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By Barnaby Phillips

In December 1941 the japanese invaded Burma. For the British, the longest land crusade of the second one global warfare had started. 100,000 African infantrymen have been taken from Britain’s colonies to struggle the japanese within the Burmese jungles. They played heroically in a single of the main brutal theatres of warfare, but their contribution has been mostly ignored.

Isaac Fadoyebo was once a type of ‘Burma Boys’. on the age of 16 he ran clear of his Nigerian village to affix the British military. despatched to Burma, he used to be attacked and left for lifeless within the jungle via the japanese. Sheltered by means of brave neighborhood rice farmers, Isaac spent 9 months in hiding sooner than his eventual rescue. He again to Nigeria a hero, yet his tale was once quickly forgotten. Barnaby Phillips travelled to Nigeria and Burma looking for Isaac, the kinfolk who kept his lifestyles, and the legacy of an Empire. one other Man’s conflict is Isaac’s tale.

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38 Prepared positions were, of course, something of a luxury when a fastmoving battle was being fought and there is much photographic evidence to suggest that guns were often placed on street corners with no protection at all. In the desert, anti-tank guns were a very valuable asset. If the weather was good, and therefore visibility with it, a gun could be used at long range with great effect, especially if the telescopic sights were good enough. As a good example of what could be done with the 6-pdr, we can take the Snipe action on 27 October 1942 at the battle of El Alamein.

39 AMMUNITION 40 At the beginning of the Second World War, virtually all anti-tank ammunition was based on the solid shot projectile. This was a hardened steel projectile that was intended to punch a hole through the defensive armour of a tank by kinetic energy alone. The ammunition system was always that used in a quick-fire mechanism: it consisted of a projectile with a cartridge case fixed to it and was therefore known as a fixed round. The propellant was contained in the brass cartridge case and was initiated by the mechanical impact of the firing pin on the primer at the base of the case.

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