Ancient Knowledge by Mr George E Curtis

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  • April 3, 2017
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By Mr George E Curtis

Astronomical wisdom derived from the floor plan of Stonehenge, which has major implications for the historical past of humanity. confirmed with arithmetic this booklet describes actual historical wisdom that conflicts with sleek technological know-how yet upholds the Biblical tale of Genesis.

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I would now like to move quickly on to Genesis chapter four and beyond. * In Genesis chapter four we leave the protected area of the Garden of Eden and move into the wild, untamed antediluvian world, and we see the start of a civilization. Again there is a slight problem. The scribe gives us a picture of a population that is growing rapidly from just two people. After Cain killed his brother Abel, it suddenly appears that Cain has a wife, and he has children. The scribe does not account for the sudden appearance of females on the scene, but we may assume that he is not telling us everything.

The notion that there could have been secret knowledge on the Ark was just empty-headed speculation. I didn’t know then what I know now; I didn’t know that there really was a treasure of ancient knowledge; I was just toying with the idea, because the only way antediluvian secrets could survive the flood is by being on board the Ark with Noah. * The reality of the flood is denied by all and sundry, of course, but if we are to give the Bible the benefit of the doubt, then we are expected to consider it, because it is a fundamental part of the Genesis story.

If we might notice here that we have a description of the water being together in one place. The words used paint a picture of one single ocean, ‘gathered together unto one place’, and one single continent. It implies the modern scientific notion of a single huge continent, which the scientists call Pangaea. I mention this, because this is one incident where there is a vague hint of advanced scientific knowledge in the Genesis story. Modern science accepts the single ocean and single continent, as part of their understanding of the early world.

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