An Introduction to Paleobotany by Chester A. Arnold

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By Chester A. Arnold

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Algal colonies consist of aggregates of dome-shaped or roughly spherical masses that when sectioned are seen to be made of The irregular concentric laminae typical of algal limestones in general. organism mainly responsible for the formation of these Green River reefs is Chlorellopsis coloniata, Wyoming, it and at one locality in Sweet water County, silicified branches has formed thick lime deposits around the of trees (Fig. 25), a spherical organism surrounded by a thin calcium carbonate. The spheres range from 110 to 140 microns in diameter, and usually occur in clustered Chlorellopsis coloniata is shell of interlocking grains of colonies although rarely in chains genus Chlorella.

Plant part may be so close as to deceive at least temporarily even the Remains of graptolites and the " pinnules " professional paleobotanist. of some crinoids, as Botrycrinus, have been misinterpreted as Devonian The organism named Psilophyton Hedei, from or pre-Devonian plants. the Silurian of the island of Gotland, and once figured as the oldest example of a land plant, is now thought to be an animal closely related to the graptolites. Other examples of a similar nature could be cited. A cavity in a piece of rock from Greenland, long supposed to be a palm fruit, is now thought to be the footprint of some ancient animal.

Being cellular instead of tubular, they probably level with the belong to a distinct though related group. Much of our knowledge of ancient algae has been gained from studies have been formed wholly or in part from the of limestones believed to activities of these organisms. no traces In instances (as in stromatolites) and in such cases, the many of the cellular structure are retained, algal origin is inferred from the general resemblance of the limestones to those in process of formation at the present time.

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