An Introduction to Computer Programming with Java by Kingston J.H. (ed.)

By Kingston J.H. (ed.)

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Locate all of the solutions to a brand new web person? s questions in a single huge, easy-to-use booklet. Sams train your self net and net fundamentals multi functional is designed to coach he new laptop consumer tips on how to simply paintings with quite a few electronic media. It doesn't think the reader desires to how one can use only one product, yet covers a number of items and applied sciences in a logical model.

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0": "B", "1": "a", "2": "t", "3": "m", "4": "a", "5": "n"} With this in mind, we can query characters in "Batman" numerically with the [] operator. Try doing so in Firebug, verifying your work with Figure 2–5: "Batman"[3]; // "m" "Batman"[0]; // "B" Figure 2–5. Querying elements in a wrapper object String wrappers have a length member equal to the number of elements. That is to say, length is equal to the number of characters in the string. Try querying length for the Incredibles and a few of their supervillains.

Let’s define a flavor parameter. Then if we pass our function "Cherry Garcia", JavaScript will assign that to flavor. var iceCream = [ "Chocolate Fudge Brownie", "Half Baked", "New York Super Fudge Chunk", "Coffee Heath Bar Crunch", "Cherry Garcia", "Mud Pie", "Milk & Cookies", "Cinnamon Buns", "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough", "Mission to Marzipan" ]; var rankFlavor = function(flavor) { }; In an object literal, the curly braces contain members, but in a function literal, the curly braces contain statements.

They innately have extraordinary powers, referred to as members or methods. On the other hand, values of the string, number, or boolean type are like Iron Man or Batman in that they need to put on their costume, referred to as a wrapper, to have extraordinary powers. So, just as seeing the bat signal appear in the night sky over Gotham City tells Bruce Wayne to put on the bat suit in order to become Batman, seeing the . operator appear to their right tells a string, number, or boolean to put on a wrapper in order to become an object.

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