Advances in Geophysics, Vol. 2 by H.E. Landsberg (Ed.)

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By H.E. Landsberg (Ed.)

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11, 362-372. 47. Bowen, E. G. (1950). The formation of rain by coalescence. Australian J . Scz. Research. 3, 193-213. 48. Reynolds, S. , and Braham, R. (1952). Significance of the initial radar echo. Bull. A m . Meteorol. 33, 123. 49. Braham, R. , Reynolds, S. , and Harrell, J. H. (1951). Possibilities for cloud seeding as determined by a study of cloud height versus precipitation. J. Meteorol. 8, 416-418. 50. Dennis, A. S. (1954). Initiation of showers in cumuli by snow. J. Meteorol. 11, 157-162.

In Compendium of Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, Boston, pp. 12031289. 13. Van Bladel, J. ” Gauthier-Villars, Paris. 14. Conference on water resources, October 1-3, 1951. Illinois State Water Survey, Urbana, Illinois, 335 pp. 15. Proceedings, (1952). Third Radar Weather Conference, September 15-17, 1952, McGill University, Montreal. 52 J. 8. MARSHALL, WALTER HITSCHFELD AND K. L. s. GUNN 16. Proceedings, (1953). Conference on Radio Meteorology, November 9-12, 1953. The University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

25, the effect of the shape of (dry) ice particles on Za is generally unimportant, never as great as a factor of two. 6,me m-8 identical with equation (3) for rain, where R is measured in millimeters of water per hour. Since the dielectric factor of ice is about one-fifth that of water, radar echoes from snow have one-fifth the power of those from rain of the same rate of precipitation. 4. Attenuation Equation (2) shows that the power back scattered to the radar is inversely proportional t o the fourth power of the wavelength.

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