A Younger Woman (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1074) by Wendy Rosnau

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  • April 3, 2017
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By Wendy Rosnau

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And I've changed my mind about the key. If I don't show up in a couple of days, give the key to him. " "You're crazy. I'd never go to him for help. Never! Not if I was penniless, or—" A shot rang out. Suddenly Margo was lifted half off her feet as Blu dragged her to the end of the pier. Then, they were jumping—jumping into the murky depths of theMississippi Riverwhile gunshots exploded around them. " Ry craned his neck and scanned the dark alley in the French Quarter. In an attempt to escape the late-night rain, homeless bodies were huddled together on both sides of Pirate's Alley, their damp, unclean clothes giving off a ripe stench.

While he paced the hall, he went over everything she'd told him. He played back phrases she'd used, dallied with the what-if game and ten minutes later he was back inside, shedding his boots and socks, prepared to spend a sleepless night in the stuffed chair he'd pulled close to the bed. Halfway through the night she started to babble incoherent phrases. Ry reached out and felt her forehead, expecting to find her burning up with a fever. To his surprise and relief, she was cool. When the babbling continued, he pulled the nightstand drawer open and flipped the switch on a sophisticated three-inch recorder.

Margo curiously watched him start to pace back and forth at the foot of the massive bed. She had always admired Ry's ability to remain calm even in a crisis. Now she wondered what could have happened in the past two years to have changed that. This was not the same overconfident, almost cocky cop she'd known two years ago. No, this new uptight version appeared to be more human, even a bit vulnerable. And damn him, more likeable than the old version—that is, if she didn't hate him so much. She held her breath, watched him wear out the thick rug.

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