A Good Clean Fight (RAF Quartet, Book 2) by Derek Robinson

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By Derek Robinson

It's a vintage Derek Robinson tale: 3 teams of fellows converge for a last conflict within the western desolate tract in the course of international warfare II. An SAS patrol travels throughout the Sahara to assault a German airbase; a German intelligence officer units out to settle a private grudge; and the lads from Hornet Squadron (from Robinson's prior Piece of Cake) are overhead, dedicated to suicidal ground-attack missions to fulfill their commander. Fast-talking, darkly funny, and stinging.

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Some rebuilds include the reinforced mounting for the external fuel tanks, the new starfish wheels, and the infra-red driver's headlight on the left side, with the white light searchlight sometimes moved to the right side. This tank has a post-war composite turret with split mushroom vents. called the T-34-85M2, was the most extensively modernised of all T-34-85s. It included additions on the outside of the vehicle for stowage, a waterproofing kit to permit deep-wading, associated snorkel equipment, and other features.

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The Syrian practice was to name their tanks after martyrs (Al-Shaheed) of previous wars, usually from the 1948 fighting against Israel. This particular tank carries the name Al Shaheed Hormuz Yunis Butrus on the turret front. There are two additional tactical insignia: a red triangle on either side of the turret and a coloured band. The colour of the band is not certain and although shown here as red, it may have been blue or green. The Syrian Army has traditionally used geometric shapes to distinguish u n i t s , although details of the system are not known to the authors.

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