A companion to naturalism by Kelly James Clark

By Kelly James Clark

"Since the flip of the twenty-first century, naturalism has turn into some of the most favorite philosophical orthodoxies within the Western academy. but naturalism is extra frequently assumed than defended. The Blackwell significant other to Naturalism bargains a scientific advent that defines, discusses and defends philosophical naturalism. Essays take on naturalism's function in current cultural conversations, from Libertarianism to Read more...


The Blackwell spouse to Naturalism offers a scientific creation to philosophical naturalism and its relation to different faculties of thought. Read more...

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Consider, for example, morality as conceived by Immanuel Kant. ” Trying to derive ethical principles “from the disgusting ­mishmash” of psychological, sociological, or anthropological observation, from the insights about human nature that abound “in the chit‐chat of daily life” and that delight “the multitude,” and upon which “the empty headed regale themselves,” is not the right way to do moral philosophy (Kant 1785/1964). 7 See also Putnam (2004). 8 Indeed, Pigden (1991) suggests that the belief in the nonexistence of such irreducible sui generis moral properties or facts is what unites the category of naturalists.

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