50 Essential Chess Lessons by Steve Giddins

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By Steve Giddins

Steve Giddins has selected 50 supremely instructive video games - a few previous, a few new, and together with many who few readers can have obvious ahead of. He has annotated those video games intimately from a contemporary standpoint, explaining the beneficial classes that may be learnt from them, whereas keeping off the dangerous dogma that characterised many older works of this kind. issues contain: Attacking the King, Defence, Piece strength, and Endgame subject matters. each one video game is by means of a recap of the most classes to be learned.

Giddins writes in a hugely available down-to-earth kind that appeals to membership gamers trying to enhance their figuring out of sensible chess. His wisdom of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to discover many glorious examples that experience now not seemed in past western literature.

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A memorable example of the power of knights which find strong outposts in the heart of the enemy position. The Essential Lessons • Knights are usually superior to bishops if the position is, and can be kept, closed. • Knights are especially powerful if they can find secure outposts, especially in the centre or in the heart of the enemy position. • If you have the bishop-pair, you usually need to play actively to open the position. Black's mistake here was principally his failure to do this. Uploaded to Ctorrents - Leaked out elsewhere 36 50 ESSENTIAL CHESS LESSONS Game 11 Hutchings - Keene Woolacombe 1973 Queen's Indian Defence This is another example where the knight proves superior to the bishop.

D) w We see before us a typical Winawer middlegame. Black has the open c-file, an outpost on c4, and a target at c2. White has two bishops, a potentially strong a3-f8 diagonal for his darksquared bishop, and prospects of a kingside attack. Prospects are roughly equal, although as a matter of taste, I suspect most GMs would prefer to play the white side. Black's last move is a Uploaded to Ctorrents - Leaked out elsewhere 46 50 ESSENTIAL CHESS LESSONS standard French Defence plan. With his central pawns all fixed on light squares, Black's lightsquared bishop is often an ineffective piece in this opening, and the plan of exchanging it for its opposite number is therefore a common idea.

Larsen's idea is that the immediate 15 ... dxc5 16 dxc5 only helps White, whereas after the text-move, in the analogous line 16 cxd4 dxc5 17 dxc5, Black now has the move 17 ... , when the knight can play a useful defensive role from the strong b4-outpost. However, Gligoric avoids this and presses on with his plan to open the black king as much as possible. e3 g4 Black seizes every spare moment to press on with his counterplay on the other wing, but one can see at a glance how much greater progress White has made.

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