1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners by Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

By Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

Chess is ninety nine% strategies! This famous maxim may perhaps sound unusual yet is actually simply an exaggerated uncomplicated fact: so one can win extra video games, not anything works larger than education combos. fixing many tactical puzzles is what makes the adaptation for newbies and informal avid gamers. There are different types of books on strategies, those who introduce the thoughts by way of a a few examples, and workbooks that include quite a few workouts. Chess masters Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa have performed either: they clarify the elemental tactical principles and supply a major volume of workouts for every varied subject. 1001 Chess routines for newcomers is a brilliant first strategies ebook. It is helping you in determining vulnerable spots within the place of your opponent, in spotting styles of mixtures, and in visualizing tips.

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Fxe6 3. f7 h3 (Black plays his last card; indeed, if White now b7 is unstoppable and White wins. White's pawn sacrifice blocks the f4-b8 diagonal and the black king was unable to remain within the square of the passed pawn as it marched towards promotion. continues with 4. f8=ltJ+! Wg7 5. ltJxg6 lt>xg6 and White wins. Though promoting to a knight is Even when there are still pieces in play, the rule of the square may create surprises, as with the following game, rare, it occurs more than one would imagine.

By will be met by 2. Wf6+ followed by making a deflection sacrifice, White mate; afterl . Wd4 (the only move can put his queen on this key square: that parries all the mating threats, 1. Ei:c8! Wxc8 (the black queen cannot (the g8 Ei: is pinned); 1 . . Wc7 but leaves the b8Ei: undefended), there continue to guard h4, as the squares is 2. xg8 3. Ei:xb8 and White e7, f6 and gS are all under White's has a decisive advantage: the double control) 2. Wh4+ mg8 3. Wh7# attack 3... WeS+ fails because of 4.

IxdS+? �xdS he will achieve no more than a draw; whereas if he piles on the pressure with 2. , he will win the rook for nothing on the following move. The rook cannot As with all tactical ideas it is always escape because of the paralysing pin. necessary to anticipate your opponent's The pin is a very common tactical reply. In the example above, White motif that can often lead to a gain in has material or mate itself. In the following just played 1. Ei:g4, taking advantage of the pin to win the position the knight, 'protection' of the king by Black's but after 1.

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